WALKING MALLORCA, stone on stone.

The Ruta de Pedra in Sec, GR 221, offers the hiker 164 kilometers of marked paths to discover a landscape with a large number of constructions made with the dry stone technique existing along the Serra de Tramuntana, declared World Heritage of Unesco in its category of cultural landscape.

Tuent experience is at the end of a stage of route GR 221, the variant E: Sa Costera. This trail runs, in its first part between lots of terraces of olive trees and, in its second part, you will walk near the sea, contemplating magnificent landscapes of the north coast of the Tramuntana Mountain range. To finish off on the beautiful and unspoilt beach of Cala Tuent.

Make a stop on your route, relax in an incomparable spot and get ready for your next adventure. Stay in Tuent experience.

Over many years in Mallorca, stone on stone, man has been modeling and adapting the means to take advantage of the natural resources and has generated this way, landscapes with unique characteristics.

It is necessary to enter in the mountains of Tramuntana to realize the meaning of the dry stone in our surroundings. The “marges” here are the main element and the large groups built to gain farmland occupy almost 200 km2 and more than 20% of the territory. This construction is only explained to enable the Mallorcan peasant to cultivate on steep terrain. These terraces also allowed the construction of houses and villages along the inaccessible Serra.

Definitely, it has become an important part of our natural, historical and cultural heritage.

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