Christmas begins with “Torró Fluix”

In Tuent experience, Christmas begins with the elaboration of the typical Mallorcan “torró fluix” in a totally traditional way and just as our family did years ago.

Come and enjoy it !

It is in the coldest months when the almond trees transform the Mallorcan fields into a white and pink blanket to announce the arrival of spring.
However, until the summer the “pageses” do not collect their fruits.
Traditionally, the Mallorcan almond is collected by shaking the branches of the trees with a few long wooden sticks, to pick up the fruit, which falls on a canvas spread at their feet.
Its fine texture and its sweet taste on the palate make the almond is present in many recipes of the islands and therefore, essential for our palate.

Recipe “torró fluix” Tuent experience.
The only two ingredients used are Mallorcan almonds and sugar. The proportion used of these ingredients in our family recipe is: for each kilo of almonds, peeled and roasted to taste, use half a kilo of sugar.

The preparation is very simple and at the same time, takes time, because to grind the almonds we use a manual system.

Grind the almonds. Give a first pass.

Give a second and third pass, already with the sugar mixed.

Fill in wooden boxes, previously lined with vegetable paper.

Cover the boxes, let them rest in a dark and dry place for a minimum of 2 weeks (in Tuent experience they rest for 4 weeks).

“Torró fluix” ready to enjoy.